Short Film (To be released, January 2024)


Story by Frida Astrid
Directed by Mónica G. Carter
Written by Ambika Subra and Frida Astrid
Produced by Ela Velden, Frida Astrid, Monica G. Carter, and Ambika Subra

Serían showcases the complexities of unconditional friendship. A ‘Waiting for Godot’ in a stuck elevator.

Synopsis: Lia, Mel, Ema and Joy enter an elevator, on route to the funeral of their friend, Ian. The group has been friends for over two decades, dining every Friday together religiously and confessing their darkest secrets to one another. When the elevator stops, their friendship, and individual mortality, is put into question. In the tense panic, the honesty of their connection slowly unravels, and a devastating secret is revealed. The problem is that the only person who has any real answers to the secret, the one who could put them at ease, Ian, is dead.

The elevator becomes a funeral not just for Ian, but also their group’s friendship as they knew it. The last question lingers: Is it better to connect in superficiality? Or be disconnected in honesty?