Feature Film (In Development)


Directed by Mónica G. Carter
Written by Ambika Subra

“If you’re seeing this, stop scrolling and fix your posture. You look like a fucking croissant.”

Synopsis: Private social clubs, Ubers, Instagram, TikTok, the pressures of a metropolitan city… “E” is an outcast amidst it all, haunted by a past of bullying and societal abuse. From the shadows, she watches and listens, enacting a plan in which she uses her powers as a nagual to inspire humans to act better… or rather, to act like dogs. Her victims slowly lose their human mannerisms and are inspired into a creature-like empathy.

A glitch occurs in E’s plan when she falls into friendship with another outsider named Margret, who’s crafting her own solution for how humanity can be saved. The two share a deep bond, making them both question their core beliefs. As E and Margret’s friendship grows, E sees her plan unravel past her control, especially since she’s hiding how one of her primary targets is Margret’s sister. 

In a final test of faith, Margret learns the truth of humanity, and E has to decide between her friendship and her vendetta against the world.

For more information, email ambika@tocayatocaya.xyz.

Taking BITCH off the page into real life, we re-created the scene of “The Intervention” at Tocaya’s Launch Party.   The Intervention