Short Film (In Development)


Directed by Mónica G. Carter
Written by Ambika Subra

Grasa explores the complexities of cultural appropriation and globalization, between the grotesque and the beautiful — a grease that leaves a strange taste in our mouths.

Synopsis: A tourist named Lidia sets out for an adventure in Mexico City. It was as if she was called there, towards its magical realism and thriving urbanity. Craving an “authentic, genuine experience,” she visits a taco stand, but asks the taquerero to dab off the excess grease. This simple action catalyzes her descent into a mysterious realm where grasa (grease) is fetishized. She’s adopted into an underground cult of femininity, into a “ritual of grasa”, where she discovers genuine connection and the freedoms of body and self. It’s a ritual of solitude and community, of foreignness and belonging.

Arriving at the airport, ready to board her plane back home, Lidia breaks down in tears at the thought of returning to a boring, restrictive world— a grasa free world.