Photographer, Videographer
Photography is a fundamental piece that has built the person I am and will continue to build me throughout my life. It has defined me and has become my tool of expression that I love the most. It has become my passion, my dream, my safe place, my window to the world. Through it I have met stories, people and places that have added to me, nurtured me and allowed me to grow. It has become my bridge to the extraordinary and my light to enter the unknown. I have worked as a photographer for independent music artists and at music and entertainment events. I have directed short films such as "Ponte en sus Zapatos" for the organization Mujeres Creativas, as well as documentary projects as a camera operator in "Despertar: Las Voces del Telar" and director, cinematographer and editor on "Documentados" for Undocumented Migration Project and "La Fiesta Sorpresa" for Pies Izquierdos Escena.


Photographer, VideographerCreativx and innate communicator, Renata shares her experiences in a captivating way, inviting others to discover the intrinsic beauty in everyday details. Her collaborative approach drives her to create in community, sharing the creative process with talented minds, proving that the real magic lies in connection and shared inspiration.

Photographer, Videographer