Music Supervisor

Ana Velasco is a Music Supervisor and Writer. She has worked in the music department of films such as Cocaine Bear, Unfrosted, Jerry and Marge Go Large, and Shotgun Wedding, as well as supervisor for short films The Seventh Circle and Madd4_U. As a writer Ana is an award-winning poet, as well as an interviewer whose work includes profiles on Ethan Hawke, Nas, Kali Uchis, and Salt N Peppa, to name a few. Originally from Mexico City, she is dually based in her hometown and in Los Angeles, California. Currently Ana is serving as Music Supervisor for exciting projects in development in Mexico and in the United States, as well as curating music for Drama Radio, HydeFM, and soon NTS. Ana is also working on her upcoming debut poetry book titled They Said that Heaven Was Up Here.

The Intervention Playlist:

Notes on the Intervention:
“For Tocaya’s Intervention...I crafted the music based on my prior reading of the BITCH screenplay. It was a visceral script, which inspired a bank of music surrounding its ethos. In crafting the identity of the Intervention (Launch Party), I referenced those materials while also creating something different, working closely with Ambika and Monica and Javi to make sure the music and choreography spoke the same language. I wanted music to be in line and act as an emotional composition — using old classical music with chapters of different emotional sensations. With the guidance of Monica and Ambika’s emotional map, in tandem with Javi’s choreography, we were able to set the tone. 

It was important to take the human scape and look at the underbelly of it — how jarring it is to humans to use inorganic sounds that are abrasive, dark, basey, with dark frequencies, and the vision of nighttime weirdness. Also inspired by Dean Blunt, it was important to find references and music that was unfamiliar but interesting, obscure tracks that would stick with the attendees. Everyone on the team was on the same page conceptually, which was an incredibly unique collaborative experience. With Dario, a close friend and collaborator, we had the opportunity to work together on this and share our artistic respective artist identities in the singular concept. Together, we elevated the emotional pulls and cues in the sound design. The intention between music and choreography was incredibly beautiful, and was evident in the way that the crowd responded to the performance as a whole.” - Ana Velasco